Getting Started

Welcome to the MK Data Hub! There are three main things you can do with data on the MK Data Hub, and this page helps you get started with each.

Getting data about something

If you want to find all data about a particular thing (e.g. a place) have a look at the Entity Centric API.

Getting specific data

If you want to find and use some specific MK data but aren’t sure where to start, follow the simple steps below…
  1. Register Simply go to this page and complete the form. You need to be registered to access MK:Smart data.
  2. Find the data you need and subscribe to it Browse and filter the Data Catalogue and click “Activate Feed” for the one you want. Then either choose or create a key to used for accessing the source and click the “Activate feed” button.
  3. Decide how you want to access the RESTful API Which programming language you use will depend upon what you want to use the data for. For example, if you want to create an Android application you’ll probably want to use Java.
  4. Get the example code The most common languages have example code, so you can download this as a starting point: or sample-code-20150305.tar.gz. For other languages, a quick google should reveal information on how to make HTTP requests, which is all you need to access the RESTful API.
  5. Read about the API Have a quick look through the Developers’ API to see the options that are available to you. Don’t worry, it’s very concise!
  6. Get the data and use it Access the API using your access key and chosen programming language to retrieve the data you need. Then, once you’ve checked it works, incorporate this into your application.

Providing data

If you want to create a data feed and publish some data, have a look at the tutorials and the Data Providers’ API.