Here are a few questions and answers to help you if you get stuck.

Application Developers

Using the Developer Sandbox

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Data Providers

  • How do I register a new datastream?
    See the Creating a New Data Source tutorial.
  • How do I submit data via the API?
  • Is there a standard schema for the content of event and sensor datastreams?
    Yes. On ingress EEML/SENML is the standard schema for sensor data and a modified form of OASIS CAP is the standard schema for events. On egress data is formatted in either XML or JSON. (The format can be requested as a parameter to the URL, with the default being XML).
  • Is access over HTTPS supported, or only HTTP?
    Yes, HTTPS can also be used to access the API via /feedID and is recommended to keep keys more secure.
  • Is there a way to subscribe to feeds or datastreams so that new values can be received asynchronously without needing to poll the service?
    This feature is planned but not yet implemented. It is technically feasible but there is a need to understand what the API should look like to make it attractive/accessible to developers.
  • Is a JavaScript library provided to enable requests to be sent from web applications?
    JavaScript's security model ensures that pages can only access URLs from the same server using AJAX. This means that JavaScript in a web page cannot be used to read or write data directly. Fortunately, it's simple to work around this restriction with a little server-side code: see Retrieving Data using PHP and Graphical Interface using JavaScript, for example.
  • Is there a way to configure trigger conditions e.g. when a datastream exceeds a certain value?
    This is not supported directly yet, but is being considered for a future release. However, in the meantime, an application can easily monitor a data feed and create its own trigger.
  • Is there a way to enumerate via the API all the devices created by a specific account?
    Via the portal (but not via the API) it is possible for feed creators to see all their feeds. In many cases a feed will be created per sensor (device), however other approaches are possible. In future this could be added to the catalogue search, and MIS about the feeds (e.g. usage statistics) could be added. Access control/security policy must also be addressed.