Data Documentation

The data contained within this application is taken from the GOV.UK Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK website. Although this site pulls the latest data each day, GOV.UK does not always publish all data daily, so values may be a few days out of date.

Cases by Area

The data here are presented for Milton Keynes, broken down by Middle Super Output Area (MSOA). Weekly rolling sums and population-based rates of new cases by specimen date time series data are available. The data are updated each day, and show the latest 7 days for which near-complete data — release date minus 5 days — are available, and historic non-overlapping 7-day blocks. Dates are the final day in the relevant 7-day block, and counts between 0 and 2 are left blank.

Rate calculations

Rates are calculated in order to compare areas or population groups of different sizes. All rates currently presented on this website are crude rates expressed per 100,000 population, ie the count (eg cases or deaths) is divided by the denominator population and then multiplied by 100,000, without any adjustment for other factors. Populations used are Office for National Statistics 2019 mid-year estimates, except for NHS Regions, for which 2019 estimates are not yet available, so 2018 mid-year estimates are used.

Rolling averages

In order to help to identify trends or patterns in the data over time, 7 day rolling averages are calculated. These are updated frequently, but even out the random variation and the weekly seasonality.

Each day's observation is combined with the previous three days and the following three days, and the mean of all seven days' figures is presented.

For indicators where the most recent days' data are incomplete, the final few points in the rolling average series will not be displayed, as the averages will increase when data are complete.

Detailed documentation on all of the data contained with this application is available via the GOV.UK Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK website.