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KMi Robots: HANS HanS is the Health and Safety Robot Inspector in KMi , who is aware of our health and safety guidelines and is able to navigate the lab, checking that these are enforced. In this early demo video, Hans goes around KMi spotting portable heaters identified through ARTags.
SciRoc Competition: Events Log Events log traces of the SciRoc competition. This dataset contains data sent by robots, sensors, and judging panels of the 5 challenges of the Robots in Smart Cities competition, held in the city of Milton Keynes, September 2019.
SciRoc Competition: Master Dataset Dataset including specifics of episodes, teams, and basic data for the Smart City simulation element of the competition.
Average house price by middle layer super output area (MSOA) Average house price by middle layer super output area (MSOA)
IoT Data Stream It contains a test dataset
Fire Statistics Data Tables   A selection of data tables from Published by: Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. Language: English  
IoT-Blockchain: Freezer 1 temperature The temperature of the Freezer 1 located at the Hub Restaurant.
test test
alonax data
Leighton Leighton