MKi – Housing Numbers and Tenure (2004-2014) in Milton Keynes’ Estates

This dataset provides information in, numbers and percentages, on Housing Tenure in Milton Keynes Estates. The measures included in the housing tenure includes Owner Occupied, Registered Social Landlord (RSL): Rented and Shared Ownership, Milton Keynes Council (MKC): Rented and Shared Ownership and Total Stock.

*Owner Occupied includes private rented.

Registered Social Landlord (RSL): It is the technical name for social landlords that are registered with the Housing Corporation (most are housing associations, but there are also trusts and co-operatives) to provide social housing. RSLs run as businesses but don't trade for profit.

Shared Ownership allows to buy a share in a property, while paying rent on the remaining share to the Registered Social Landlord(RSL) that operates the scheme.

Some of the Estates have been added together due to methodological issues.

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