MKi - Housing Numbers and Tenure (2004-2014) in Milton Keynes' Estates


Title: MKi - Housing Numbers and Tenure (2004-2014) in Milton Keynes' Estates
Description: This dataset provides information in, numbers and percentages, on Housing Tenure in Milton Keynes Estates. The measures included in the housing tenure includes Owner Occupied, Registered Social Landlord (RSL): Rented and Shared Ownership, Milton Keynes Council (MKC): Rented and Shared Ownership and Total Stock. *Owner Occupied includes private rented. Registered Social Landlord (RSL): It is the technical name for social landlords that are registered with the Housing Corporation (most are housing associations, but there are also trusts and co-operatives) to provide social housing. RSLs run as businesses but don't trade for profit. Shared Ownership allows to buy a share in a property, while paying rent on the remaining share to the Registered Social Landlord(RSL) that operates the scheme. Some of the Estates have been added together due to methodological issues.
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