MKi - Wards Population Projections 2011 to 2021


Title: MKi - Wards Population Projections 2011 to 2021
Description: This dataset shows the population projections for Wards in Milton Keynes to 2021. The figures have been taken from the Population Bulletin 2013/14. Please note that the forecasts are consistent with the 2011 Census results. The population projections were produced using PopGroup Derived Forecasts population and household estimation and forecasting software developed by Bradford Council. This uses standard cohort component projection methods. The model was configured to include past estimates of population, from 2011. Local data, from ONS, on mortality, fertility and special populations at ward level were added. Migration data were only available at Local Authority level. Household representative rates from 2011 (the most recently available projections) were used to configure the household model. Cohort component projection methods were used at Local Authority, and then at electoral ward level. Parish and estate population projections were derived from these using an apportionment method informed by local data sources. Figures relate to June of the relevant year. Data has been rounded to the nearest 50.  
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