OpenDataCommunities LSOA info


Title: OpenDataCommunities LSOA info
Description: This dataset describes the 'Lower layer Super Output Areas' used by the Office for National Statistics for many of its statistical outputs. This dataset has been converted from a download of geography data from the Office for National Statistics Neighbourhood Statistics website. It provides information about Lower layer Super Output Areas (LSOAs), their location and the Local Authority District to which they belong. Where a LSOA intersects with a parish, the dataset includes a link from LSOA to parish. Because LSOA and parish boundaries do not align, it is possible for an LSOA to intersect with several parishes. Note that parishes only exist in some parts of England, therefore there are many LSOAs with no link to a parish.
UUID: 9519206f-ce9f-4abc-a0d0-f16206fa78e6