Site usage

MK Data Hub is a data infrastructure that supports the acquisition and management of both static and dynamic data from a variety of sources. This portal serves as a catalogue and management tool for indexing and managing access to datasets.

Access to data

The MK Data Hub portal supports both file-bases static data sources and dynamic datasets that make use of read and write APIS to support streams of JSON data. Detailed documentation covering the use of dynamic datasets via the Stream API is available here.


User accounts

The catalogue of datasets available in the MK Data Hub is available for anonymous browsing, without the need for a user account. However, most of the Data Hub's functionality is available to logged in users. If you wish to create an account and start browsing some of the functionality on offer, please get in contact with us and we'll be happy to set you up with full access.


All visible datasets are listed in the catalogue under the Datasets link in the main menu. This list can be scrolled through, page by page, or filtered using the search box at the top of the page. Note that datasets are listed in reverse chronological order (newest first) and that the list of visible datasets will depend on your login status and level of permissions.


Datasets can be curated into a series of collections, giving users and visitors the ability to collate and browse datasets by subject area. A selection of dataset collections have been pre-created but logged-in users are free to create as many of their own collections as they wish. Ownership of datasets is not required, any datasets in the MK Data Hub catalogue can be added to a collection, provided that the dataset's permissions are not set to hidden.

My account

The My Account section of the site, accessed by clicking on your username at the top right of the page once logged in, gives access to your own datasets and also your dataset access keys.