The award-winning MK Data Hub is a data infrastructure that supports the acquisition and management of both static and dynamic data from a variety of sources. The MK Data Hub was initially developed within the MK:Smart project, a flagship £17.2M UK initiative, which focused on progressing the smart city agenda in Milton Keynes. More recently it has been used to support the CityLABS innovation programme and the 1st International Competition on Robots in Smart Cities and it will also provide a key infrastructure component to the state-of-art 5G network that will be deployed in Milton Keynes in 2020 as part of the current MK:5G project.

The team

Dr Enrico Daga

Research Fellow

Jason Carvalho

Project Officer

Related projects

MK Data Factory

MK Data Factory

MK Data Hub is built on the MK Data Factory framework.

API Factory

The API Factory is a WebAPI for managing and sharing streaming data with the support of open schema specifications. Its main goal is to make it easier to set up APIs on-demand, based on specifications such as JSON schemas. MK Data Hub makes use of the API Factory for reading and writing to Stream API datasets.